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“If our surroundings grow, we grow.” Obtaining growth needs from a premium web solutions provider s a mandatory to a business. Share us your current business profile and your concerns or demands. We look forward to providing you with key tips and spikes to grow the business to a premium level with cost-effective bases.

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TrickyDot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Stand unique on-stream in the tomorrow -world of technologies.

Established in the year of 2020, TrickyDot Technologies has the well advanced vision towards performance in everything we come up with. Our cruise to deliver the best solutions began with the basic ideology of keeping quality in business and providing quality to all the businesses around us. Because we believe in the words that “if our surroundings grow, we grow” like a root. Since then, we have the yield into providing and sharing the top-rated valued solutions counted with high level performance, precision, future technologies and privacy to businesses, startups, enterprises, organisations etc to support and contribute in growing their business. With the loyalty towards the services including website development,

software development, mobile application development (iOS & Android), ERP soft- ware development (Offline &Cloud), AI development, Digital Marketing we never compromise the two pillars of on-stream platform, quality and advancements. We deliver the services with responsive web designs, great user experience (UX),and SEO optimised strategies. Our core values and faithfulness has made the team stronger and efficient with a bunch of experts, our visionaries who have expertise and proficiency in innovative and advanced solutions. As we keep to create and grow, we endure reliable in our mission to provide outputs with the highly demanded quality and work.


To take up and help grow every business that come to us on-stream and off-stream with effectively performing, user friendly and quality output as solutions which can sprout proficiency at every bit.


We seek to create an environment where everyone can savor the advantages of advanced technologies, ensuring equally satisfying services for all in the realm of technology.

Core Values

We listen and then organise adhering to established ethical procedures and emphasizing virtual outcomes that benefit you financially. We are reliable to timely and cost-effective delivery.